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Dental Implants in Togliatti

Numerous recommendations of our patients about dental implantology in Tolyatti can prove that this method of prosthetics is very popular today among people of different classes.

Different types of implants are available today varying in producers and individual technological characteristics. Dental Implantology Center is very successful in this sphere, two systems of dental implantation are used there: Israel «Alpha Bio» and German «Semados».

имплантация зубов в тольятти alfa-bio alfa-bio Dental implantology in Tolyatti: comparing these two systems of dental implantology, we may say that «Alpha Bio» system is one of the most known and available systems in the world which is successfully used in more than 23 countries. The system is considered to be related to economical-friendly class. It offers a wide range of implants differing in shape, diameter and length which helps to choose the most comfortable variant and size. .


«Semados» implantation system: «Bego» company is a leading company producing premium quality implants. Source nation and production techniques (99% titanium) made this company the leading supplier of highly esthetical dental crowns on the basis of zirconia which perfectly match existing teeth in color and shape. This is one of the few systems which offers the whole range of modern implantology services and guarantees high quality and esthetic characteristics.
имплантация зубов semados тольятти
имплантаты Semados (Германия)



Dental implantation stages


этапы имплантации зубов в тольятти

  • Implants are made of pure titanium
  • They are sterilized in the manufacturing country and thus can't be sterilized again
  • The implant's size is picked on an individual basis after a thorough diagnosis
  • Every implant has its own individual number which is pasted into a patient's medical chart

одномоментная имплантация зубов тольятти

одномоментная имплантация зубов тольятти

одномоментная имплантация зубов тольятти


Single-step dental implantation

Single-step tooth extraction with implantation is a process of tooth extraction and implantation of an implant into the alveolar socket in one step. The overall treatment time is greatly reduced when using such dental method.

According to the bone tissue condition around the extracted tooth implantologist identifies the necessity of osteoplastic materials use which fastens the growth of this bone tissue. This examination is fulfilled before implanting.

If the gum condition is good, the bone volume and density is sufficient, than a single-step temporary implantation is possible for eliminating cosmetic defect.

In this case tooth extraction, implantation and prosthetics (temporary crown) are fulfilled at one step. But it should be born in mind that only temporary crown is placed, because one should avoid excessive weights on implant after its adjustment and engraftment. This temporary crown is placed beyond occlusion (it's a bit shorter and doesn't touch the teeth of the opposite jaw).

Implantologist gives all necessary advice to a patient concerning the postoperative period.

Permanent crowns are placed on the upper teeth after 6 months and on the lower teeth - after 3 months.

If you are interested in implantation visit the page about dental implantation containing useful information that will help you to make the right decision.