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Stomatology of Togliatti

The Center of dental implantation was created in Togliatti in 2009. While creation of the dental clinic the standards of the European medical treatment facility were used. For today the complex method to the stomatology disease is used in our clinic.

Each patient has possibility to get the complex treatment directed to the successful reconstruction of masticator function. Activity of our doctors is directed to the disease prevention and not to the successful treatment only. The prepared specialists are always ready to give consultation on any stomatology directions. Equipped by the modern diagnostic methods the doctors of the Center of Dental Implantation can maximally exactly make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that will return the health to a patient.

All the doctors are of high level and educated in the best universities and they had the traineeship in the clinics of Germany, USA. They regularly visit Russian and international congresses, symposiums, exhibitions. For today the Center of Dental implantation has a range of differences from the other dental clinics of Togliatti:

The qualified treatment is held with the medical standards that allow giving our patients the maximum period of warranty policy (3 years) for the dentist treatment. Our guarantees are not in words, they are regulated by the acting Russian legislation.

We work for people who appreciate their money and time that’s why we propose the qualitative and safe treatment at a reasonable price.

In all the offices there are “four hands” what provides higher quality of the treatment process.

We appreciate your time. We meet the standards and technologies in the confirmed temporal frames.

Cooperation with the licensed laboratory allows us to give the maximum period of guarantees for our service.

Treatment in our clinic is done on the modern equipment with usage of the best dental materials. Having and using of the best technologies allow us to prevent the new disease appearance. Here after the preventive measures are paid and not the treatment what is more pleasant and profitable.

So, among the medicine centers providing a stomatology service in Togliatti the Center of dental implantation occupies the solid position due to the complex offering of the dental service, affordable level of prices for the tooth treatment and dental equipment.

The center of dental implantation is safe and qualitative dental clinic in Togliatti.